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Cafe Bronco Presents Island Pastele & Rib House

Cafe Bronco’s food is created by Island Pastele & Rib House.

Island Pastele in Hawaii makes all of our tasty pasteles by hand.

Each week Island Pastele spend hours preparing the freshest ingredients possible to bring you the best, freshest and tastiest pasteles in Hawaii.

Pasteles are available in original pork only. Each pastele comes with a complimentary serving of love at no additional charge.

We have had so many requests for our pasteles that we have now expanded our line. From pastele stew, gondule rice, Twice Cooked Hawaiian Spare Ribs, Paniolo Baked Beans to our ono ono pork pasteles. Our island cuisine is extremely popular for graduation parties, birthdays, baby showers or any gathering among friends and family. We’ve even catered funerals and wedding receptions! Our chefs cater to the local taste buds, so all our grinds are ONO. Contact us for a free party consultation.

Mahalo Hawaii.

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